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Southern ParaPilots is a group of paraglider and hang glider pilots in the South Eastern United States who love to participate in the art of free flight. We mainly fly in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina but can be found all over the world. Whether your a veteran pilot, or just seeing what it's all about we hope this site will answer some of your questions.

We invite visiting pilots from outside our five state area to fly SPP managed sites, twice a year, free of charge, without requiring them to join the club. Visiting pilots must be current members of USHPA and a USHPA sanctioned club, or for non-US based pilots, have a valid IPPI card and temporary USHPA membership (required for insurance). You must be accompanied by a member, have signed and submitted a SPP waiver, familiarize yourself with, and conform to, all site guidelines and rules.

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  • Maybe the best way to find out if you like paragliding is to take a tandem flight with one of our certified tandem pilots. Click here

  • The best way to get started is to get training, For a list of instructors Click here.

  • Southern Para Pilots maintains a Yahoo discussion board where we discuss everything from equipment to where people are flying this weekend, Click here