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Bell Mountain

Wind Direction WNW
AGL 900
Glide 4.59 to 1
Ridge 1 mile
XC Record None to date
Pilot Rating PG = P3
HG = H4
Site Location Shake Rag Rd, Hiawassee, Georgia
Launch GPS 34.959613,-83.729382
Main LZ 34.972344,-83.744316
Bailout LZ 34.972801,-83.724618
Number of Flights per Year 400 Estimated
Additonal Notes Slot Launch, Long Glide
Site Assessment Click Here for the site assessment

Updated 5.29.14

P2's may fly only under the following circumstances: Flights must occur under P2 appropriate conditions as defined by USHPA and under the guidance of a P3 mentor who has significant experience at the site being flown - mentorship being a one on one relationship encompassing all pre-flight and flight decisions.

This is a USHPA insured site, and as such, we require any and all instruction to be performed only by USHPA certified instructors who are Rogallo level members in good standing and having the proper insurance coverage.

All pilots are expected to adhere to these site requirements. Those found to be out of compliance with the above may have their privileges at SPP sites suspended or revoked.

The launch at Bell Mountain faces due West and the Primary LZ is directly NW. The Emergency LZ is directly N and can't be seen from launch. Launching is possible in winds from SW to NW. The launch is an open rocky area 2 gliders wide but is tucked in between tall trees. Launching in winds 45 degrees or more off of West requires special care to make sure that your wing stays fully inflated during your launch sequence.

Your kiting and launching skills should be at a P3 level to launch in cross winds at Bell. There is also a fair amount of wind gradient effect at launch. Regardless of the wind speed observed at launch, make sure you are checking the streamer at the top of the trees and top of the rock structure, if it is there. Once you are clear of the trees, wind speed can be double what you are feeling on launch. Because of this we strongly recommend not launching in any winds above 10mph.

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The launch at Bell is privately owned land but made available to the public at the wishes of the recently deceased land owner. The land is part of a trust and to kept in it's original state not to be developed. As good citizens we like to keep launch clean and safe for everyone. It's good practice to bring a garbage bag and do a quick trash pick up prior to flying. Locals visit the top all the time and it's in always good to be accommodating to them.LZ at Bell Mountain GA

Primary Landing Zone
Please park in the grass, near the trailer and off the drive, so we don't interfere with their coming and going. We should probably leave only one truck/car there at a time. We should also strive to pack our gear as quickly as possible and try not to linger any longer than necessary to pack gear and go. After packing it wouldn't hurt to stage all the gear, and ourselves, together so we don't have stuff spread all over the LZ.


Emergency Landing Zone
The emergency LZ is located directly north of launch. It cannot be seen from launch so make sure you check out the topo map and know where it is. It is also a good idea to site this LZ after launching so that you know where it is and can easily find it when you need it. The emergency LZ is for emergencies only. Do not stay on the ridge to find lift because you know you can hit the emergency LZ if you donӴ. Staying on the ridge too long to find lift does not constitute an emergency. If you land in the Emergency LZ for any reason, we request that you voluntarily donate $5 to SPP as an incentive not to do it again. All proceeds will go directly to a beer fund for club gatherings and fly-ins.

Bell is a mile long ridge and only a smaller portion of that is facing west. This area can get crowded fast so please remember it is your responsibility to make sure to avoid collisions and to follow all right of way rules. The spine to the north of launch often produces turbulence as a west or southwest wind curls around it. Directly out in front of launch and a little to the north is a small hill we call 'Baby Bell'. This is often a good thermal trigger. Many pilots have also found good thermals to the south of launch near the radio/cell towers. As mentioned, Bell is a P3 site because of the long glide ratio to the Primary LZ. Pilots should not get lower than 100 feet below launch before heading to the Primary LZ. We sometimes see horses in fields and yards around Bell Mountain. Most horses will be very distressed and panic over a paraglider flying low overhead or nearby. Do not fly low over horses or land in any fields or yards where they are.

The LZ is located in Hiawassee off the lake.Topo map of Hiawassee They GPS coordinates are 34.972344,-83.744316









Some form of radio communication is required to fly Bell Mountain. A 2 meter radio is preferred, but a GFS (family band) is acceptable.

There is the Boat House Bar and Grill located at 3399 Hwy 76 West which pilots enjoy after a day of flying.