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Wind Direction WNW
AGL 1350
Glide 4.99 to 1
Ridge 6 Miles
XC Record Frank Marquis, 19 miles
Pilot Rating PG = P3
HG = H4
Site Location Oswald road, Benton, Tennessee
Launch GPS 35.134966,-84.622493
Main LZ 35.14352,-84.641644
Bailout LZ 35.142248,-84.637181
Number of Flights per Year 50 Estimated
Additonal Notes Long Glide, Main LZ behind High Voltage Power Lines

Updated 5.29.14

P2's may fly only under the following circumstances: Flights must occur under P2 appropriate conditions as defined by USHPA and under the guidance of a P3 mentor who has significant experience at the site being flown - mentorship being a one on one relationship encompassing all pre-flight and flight decisions.

This is a USHPA insured site, and as such, we require any and all instruction to be performed only by USHPA certified instructors who are Rogallo level members in good standing and having the proper insurance coverage.

All pilots are expected to adhere to these site requirements. Those found to be out of compliance with the above may have their privileges at SPP sites suspended or revoked.

Fly conserativley. the LZ doesn't look that far out but there are times when the whole trip is in sink. Be sure you have enough altitude to clear the powelines.


Primary Landing Zone
The landing is on private property on hwy 314 (Parksdale Rd) There are some land owners that are into us and some that are not. Defer to local pilot knowledge on proper LZ before you launch. Even though this land owner does not mind us driving onto his land make your best effort to minimize your presence. Leave any extra cars at the top or at the road. Pilots who land at the house please walk back to the main LZ. The field next to the road is an acceptable landing (unless grown corn is in it) and will place you right next to the road provided you have sufficient altitude to clear the powerline.

75N to 411N
411N to 64E
Drive 5.5 miles and take a left on 314N
Drive 3.4 miles on 314N and look for windsock on right near beginning of driveway. This is the lz. Drive 1.4 miles more on 314N and turn right at "Camp Agape'" sign. This is Benton Springs RD. It is paved and gravel. Follow it to the top of Chilhowee.
Turn right onto 77 and take your first right. The gate will be locked.

Emergency Landing Zone
There is a forest service road at the base of the mountain with a small spot about the width of a wing. It is not something you would head for on purpose but it has saved two pilots that have been caught in bad sink. This forest road connects with hwy 64 on one end and dead ends on the other. Your options are to walk south on the road to hwy 64 (about 4 miles) or bushwack down the mountain. In trying to be respectful, we have been staying off the grass and leaving vehicles parked on the driveway at the primary. He would prefer if we parked in the grass, near the trailer and off the drive, so we don't interfere with their coming and going. We should probably leave only one truck/car there at a time. We should also strive to pack our gear as quickly as possible and try not to linger any longer than necessary to pack gear and go. After packing it wouldn't hurt to stage all the gear, and ourselves, together so we don't have stuff spread all over the LZ. This site is precious and we only seek to keep it open.

Some form of radio communication is required to fly Chillahowee Mountain. A 2 meter radio is preferred, but a GFS (family band) is acceptable.

Chilhowee Mountain Glider Port
The Chilhowee Mountain Glider Port is a few miles north on 411. Keep an eye open for gliders.

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