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Visiting Pilots

We invite visiting pilots from outside our five state area to fly SPP managed sites, twice a year, free of charge, without requiring them to join the club. Visiting pilots must be current members of USHPA and a USHPA sanctioned club, or for non-US based pilots, have a valid IPPI card and temporary USHPA membership (required for insurance). You must be accompanied by a member, have signed and submitted a SPP waiver, familiarize yourself with, and conform to, all site guidelines and rules.

You may submit your waiver in one of the following ways.

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How to become a member

To become a member of Southern Para Pilots you must sign and submit a wavier and pay dues. Members have unlimited flying privileges, participation in club competitions, and have full voting rights. Dues allow all of us to continue to fly by paying for site insurance and site maintenance.

Yearly membership dues for the Southern Parapilots are $60.00 with the exception of..

$30.00 for additional family memebers
$30.00 for dependents of club members under the age of 18
$30.00 for full-time students
$30.00 for active duty and reserve U.S. military personnel.

Dues, and a newly signed waiver are due January 1st of each year. New memberships submitted after November 1st are considered fully paid and valid for the following year. Dues should be submitted by check or PayPal (SouthernParaPilots@gmail.com) with your waiver. 

We also ask that you consider a donation of $10.00 (or more) to The Cloud Base Foundation, an organization that deserves our support. Each year the total of all donations will be presented from the entire club. If you wish to participate, thank you, and just add the amount of your contribution to your dues check amount. 

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Southern Para Pilots maintains Facebook page to members and non-members and is the best way to "make contact" if you have questions, want to find out where we are flying, or just interested in free flight. The page requires approval from a moderator before you can read or post, but the approval process is quick and keeps out spammers. Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/southernparapilots/

How is my money spent?

Your membership dues go to pay for the site insurance, buy gifts for land owners, and club activities such as group clinics, fly-ins, and competition trophies and this website.

repack clinic
Annual Reserve Repacking Event